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CVM Magnesium Sdn Bhd ("CVMSB") (formerly known as Commerce Venture Magnesium Sdn Bhd), is operating a magnesium smelter located in the State of Perak in Malaysia. The magnesium smelter namely Perak Magnesium Smelter occupies an area of 65 acres in the Kamunting Industrial Park in the State of Perak and has plans to employ more than 300 employees.

The Perak Magnesium Smelter will have the capacity to handle two production lines with an estimated annual production capacity of 15,000 tonnes of magnesium ingots for each line when it is fully construct. The Perak Magnesium Smelter consist of a fully equipped manufacturing plant, multi-purpose office building and laboratory facilities. We will spare no efforts to spark enormous enthusiasm for starting commercial magnesium industry in the world.

On record, although we are a new company in the magnesium metal industry, the company is manned by of a group of professional managers with experience in magnesium metal exploration and development. CVMSB hopes to established itself as one of the top magnesium producer in the South East Asia, if not the world.

The world magnesium market and magnesium's main industrial users have entered into a new era of development due to its relatively quick growth in the past few years. Magnesium has the unique characteristics of energy conservation as it is lightweight and recyclable. In view of this, magnesium is expected to play an important role in the non ferrous metal market in the future.

CVMSB is willing to work together with all our clients in order to provide better service and product. We wish to strengthen our business relationship with our clients to further promote the latest application of magnesium in our everyday products. We believe together we can create a new frontier for the global magnesium community.

"To become the first primary magnesium producer in the South East Asia"

CVM will fully utilize the availability of dolomite [Calcium Magnesium carbonate – (CO3)2] in Malaysia to produce metal Magnesium and is dedicated to delivering long lucrative returns to its shareholders as production commences.

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